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Your insulation doesn't just keep heated and cooled air from escaping your structure-it also keeps out moisture, pollen, debris and even pests. That's why it's so important to choose top-of-the-line insulation for your home or commercial building. Smart homeowners and business owners choose spray foam insulation.

H&L Spray Foam Insulation LLC is a top spray foam insulation company serving clients in Whitehouse, Tyler, TX and all of East Texas. We install open- and closed-cell spray foam insulation that will lower your monthly energy bills for years. We can perform insulation installation for homes, commercial buildings, apartment complexes and condos.

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Why should you choose us?

If you need spray foam insulation services, look no further. H&L Spray Foam Insulation can handle your residential or commercial insulation project with ease. You'll appreciate that:

  • We're backed by 15+ years of experience
  • We can install fiberglass insulation, too
  • We can install insulation for new construction homes
  • We never sacrifice quality for speed.

Residential Insulation

Trust us to provide top-notch residential spray foam insulation services.

residential spray foam insulation whitehouse tx

Commercial Insulation

If you need commercial spray foam insulation services, turn to us.

commercial insulation installation whitehouse tx

New Construction Insulation

For new construction homes, spray foam insulation is ideal.

new construction spray foam insulation whitehouse tx

Open-Cell Insulation vs. Closed-Cell Insulation

Learn about the difference between closed- and open-cell insulation.

open cell insulation whitehouse tx

Is Your Business Bleeding Money on Energy Costs?

Make the switch to spray foam insulation